Christianity, a Philosophical Worldview

Christianity isn’t an addendum to life, a past time of sorts or hobby that one may pick up for a while only to drop later should life become too busy. Rather, Christianity is a philosophical view of all of life. It’s the web through which a believer interprets God, men and things. In a word, Christianity is a full-orbed worldview. As such, Christianity isn’t merely a Sunday ritual or a moral code to live by. It’s much more than that. Christianity is something the believer simply cannot live without. That’s because all believers realize (to one degree or another) that when it comes to faith and practice Christianity has true answers to all things answerable. It’s only by wearing the spectacles of Christianity that one begins to make sense of life’s experience (i.e., reality, knowledge and ethics). As an all inclusive worldview that is consistent, coherent and explanatory it should not be surprising that Christianity explains creation, fall, redemption and consummation. In other words, Christianity informs us of how we got here, why things are such a mess, how things get put back together and where life is heading. There are no competitors to Christianity. It is the revelation of God. Jesus Christ isn’t just the way back to Father. Christ is the way back to a proper understanding of the Father’s world.